Polyurethane is a raw material with numerous application areas and product ranges around the world. More than 75% of the world’s polyurethane is made for foam production. Polyurethane foam keeps increasing its market share, being flexible and easy to produce. The foam, which can be produced to be flexible or rigid, can be used in different sectors separately or together.

Usage in the Sector

To provide some examples of potential applications of flexible and rigid foams, while flexible foams are used between furnishing fabrics, rigid foams are used inside the metal and plastic panels of refrigerators and freezers. Rigid foam is a common material in the construction sector, although the use of polyurethane in clothing is increasing day by day.

Polyurethane is used frequently in
Door and window frames, assembly preparation of moldings;

Noise insulation;

Industrial coatings.

Worldwide utilization rates of polyurethane for 2004:

Construction Sector: 26.8%
Transportation Sector: 23.8%
Furniture: 20.7%
Tools and Devices Sector: 5.1%
Packaging Sector: 4.6%
Textile: 3.3%
Machinery Sector: 3.3%
Electronics: 1.4%
Shoes and Slippers: 0.7%
Other: 10.2%